Linen/Felt Papers

Bright White Felt: #70, wet strength
Classic Felt Natural White: 60#
Classic Linen Laid: wet strength
Cream White Felt: 70#
Eggshell Felt: #70, wet strength

Aluminum/Metallic Papers

Matte Silver Aluminum .002
Bright Gold Paper
Bright Silver Paper

Coated Papers

Blue-white shade mirror smooth surface: 60#
Cast Gloss: 60#
Classic Crest Natural White: 60#, wet strength, vellum finish
Estate #4 Natural White Laid
Estate #8 Bright White: wet strength, vellum finish
Estate #9 Cream Laid: wet strength
Liso Crudo: 60#, dark tan, natural appearance w/ various colored wood fibers, wet strength
Matte Litho: 60#, opaque adhesive
Matte Litho: 60#, specialty adhesive designed to adhere to glass wine bottles when applied @ temperatures as low as +35 F
White Semi Gloss: 60#

* If our stock paper selection does not fit your requirements, please call us to discuss other available papers.